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 How the Hi-Life Club Works:

Join the Club: Signing up is a breeze, and your rewards start immediately. All we need is your full name, email, phone, & birthday (how else will you get 15% off each time you fly around the sun?).

Earn Perks: Every dollar spent gets you points – rack them up for amazing rewards.

Unlock the Good Stuff: Score sweet UpHi gear, exclusive access, and surprises you won’t find anywhere else.

As a bonus for signing up you’ll receive 15%* off your next visit to UpHi! You can create your account online or in store with one of our amazing budtenders. 


Your Journey Begins Here

Start as a Frequent Flyer: The moment you join, you’ll start earning points on every dollar spent and you’ll instantly get 15% off on your next visit to any UpHi Cannabis Emporium. Score birthday bonuses, snag early access to hot new products, and get invited to member-only events.

Level-up to a Hi-Flyer: Reach for the stars! Dedicated members get elevated to the Hi-Flyer status, where you’ll earn points faster, unlock exclusive gifts, and gain VIP access to experiences that only UpHi can offer.

Who is eligible to join?

Our rewards program is FREE to join for all our customers who decide to register and who are the legal age of 19+

How do I join the Loyalty Program?

Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

  1. SIGN-UP: Start earning points with every purchase after you sign up online or in-store with help from our staff. You’ll immediately start earning points on all your purchases (points are not earned on tax). By joining, you will receive a 5 cent pre-roll and 15% OFF your next  visit (within 14 days).  That’s right, we want to be your one and only cannabis stop (Insert cheering here).
  2. EARN: Earn BIG rewards with UpHi! Get points on every dollar spent that can be redeemed  for accessory coupons ($5, $10, $20 OFF accessories) AND earn extra discounts just for visiting us – get rewarded at visits 5, 10, 15, and 20. Provide your phone number and email at checkout to start saving.”
  3. REDEEM: You can check your points balance and available rewards anytime and anywhere. Click HERE to log in to your wallet scroll down, choose your eligible reward and click OPEN. 

At check-out, inform our sales team members you would like to redeem your reward and allow them to view it as you click REDEEM in-store on your phone. Once our team member has validated your reward selection, we will add your reward item to your order and complete your transaction.  Of course, we are always happy to help look up your points while you are visiting any of our retail locations, and we’ll remind you when you hit one of our three reward thresholds.

What if I was already a member of your previous loyalty program? Do I get to keep my points or do I have to start from scratch?

If you put your email address into the previous system you’re already pretty much ready to go! If not, we saved as much info as possible from our last system, including points balances, and in most cases adding your points to your new account will be a snap!

How can I earn points & what are the Hi-Life Club membership levels?

Rewards or loyalty points are earned with every purchase for our members. Our Hi-Life Club consists of two tiers, which allows members to earn more the more they shop with us. All members receive points for each purchase that can then be redeemed towards the cost of future purchases. 

  • Frequent Flyers > Our new members, visiting 8x a year, will earn 1 point for every $1 spent.
  • Hi-Flyers > Our top tier members, visiting every 2 weeks, will earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent.

 Your member status depends on the amount you’ve spent year to date, pretax. 

When can I redeem points?

You can redeem points at three different point thresholds. The higher your points, the higher the reward!

1,500 points=$5 OFF Accessory Coupon

2,500 points=$10 OFF Accessory Coupon

4,500 points=$20 OFF Accessory Coupon

You can also redeem points for a huge selection of accessories as you reach higher point milestones that will become available in your wallet. Redeemable in-store. 

PRO TIP: Maintaining a points balance also helps ensure you can take advantage of exclusive, time-sensitive deals when they drop.

What are the Visit Milestone Discounts?

Stick with UpHi and get rewarded! Watch your savings grow and earn bigger discounts with every milestone purchase: 

  • Visit 5: 5% off your next purchase
  • Visit 8: 8% off your next purchase & a Smoker’s Bundle
  • Visit 10: 10% off your next purchase
  • Visit 20: 20% off your next purchase
  • Visit 30: 30% off your next purchase

Your discount will be automatically added to your wallet after your milestone purchase. Use it on your next visit for extra savings!

How can I check the number of points I have?

Checking your points is easy on your Hi-Life Club digital wallet ONLINE or in the app, available on the Google Play and Apple Store, where they will display on the home-screen of your account.

 Emails and texts  you receive from UpHi Hi-Life Club will often display your total points balance. Your points can also be checked by any UpHi team member in store any time you shop.

Can I use my points at both stores?

You can collect and redeem points at either UpHi Cannabis store in St. Catharines. Your account works at both!

What are my membership benefits?

UpHi’s Hi-Life Club has two member levels. Frequent Flyers and Hi-Flyers.

As you spend, you’ll earn points, unlocking access to more rewards.

A badge in your wallet will indicate your current member status based on your activity as a member to date, and you’ll receive a notification any time it changes. You can also ask us about your member status in-store.

  • Frequent Flyer members spend less than $ a month, on average – less than $500 over the course of the last year to date.
    • Earn 10pts per $1 spent
    • Get birthday week perks
    • Get Frequent Flyer Member only bonuses
    • Get refer-a-friend bonuses
    • Everyday discounts on accessories
    • Redeem points for accessories and more. 
  • Hi-Flyer Members spend at least $500 over the course of a year to date.
    • Earn 15pts per $1 spent
    • Bonus points and more when you hit this level
    • Redeem points for accessories and more. 
    • Get birthday week perks
    • Get Hi-Flyer Member only bonuses
    • Get refer-a-friend bonuses
    • Free UpHi SWAG
    • Everyday discounts on accessories
    • VIP Access
    • You’ll unlock the rewards of Hi-Flyer level as soon as you meet the required year-to-date spend.
When do my points expire?

Your points don’t expire as long as you shop once with us within a 365-day window. We’d miss you too much otherwise.

Should there be no activity on your Hi-Life Club Account/Profile, including but not limited to transactions at our establishments, redemption of accumulated points, or updates to your personal data for a continuous period of six (6) months or 180 days, said account will be deemed inactive. Upon the expiration of this six-month period of inactivity, accounts will achieve an inactive status. Accounts classified as inactive shall be subject to termination, inclusive of the forfeiture of accumulated points and the revocation of any membership privileges, offers, and promotions previously granted. UpHi Cannabis Emporium retains full ownership of all account data and expressly commits to not disclose, share or distribute this data externally.

How often will you text or email me?

You can expect an average of one – two emails per week tops from us. We promise not to be too extra and we’ll do our best to make sure you only receive emails relevant to you.

Do I need a smartphone to join?

Not a bit. You can access your Hi-Life Club Wallet from any internet-connected device. Our team is also happy to check on your rewards or provide assistance in-store.

What will you do with my information? Do you share it?

No. We will never share or sell your personal information. Never.

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